18-20 July 2017 | Pullman Sydney Airport, Sydney

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Managing and upgrading Stormwater Drainage Assets: A City of Greater Bendigo Case Study

In this case study, Mark Atkinson, Coordinator Infrastructure Development at City of Greater Bendigo, shares the steps his team is using to prioritise the renewal of stormwater infrastructure and how they are using data capture techniques to maintain assets and improve service delivery for the local community.

An inside look at how 3 government organisations are improving asset management maturity

What steps are local, state and government entities take to implement long-term asset management standards that are easy to use? And, more importantly, how will these standards create cost efficiencies and improve delivery of services to the public now and in the years to come?

Ahead of the 2nd Annual Public Sector Asset Management Summit 2017, we take a look how three different government organisations are approaching asset management in this exclusive eBook.

7 ways to improve asset management and maintenance in government

This article explores 7 key steps public sector organisations can take to ensure effective asset management and maintenance of assets in order to continue optimal service delivery to a growing population.

Past Presentations

Asset Investment Planning and Stakeholder Communication

In this presentation from Public Sector Asset Management 2016, Kim McArthur, Manager - Asset Services, ATCO Gas Australia, Perth, focuses on learning to achieve best practice asset management through Asset Investment Planning, utilising the lifecycle plans while considering the implications of operating, acquiring, maintaining and disposing of an asset, including:

  • Understanding the evolution of Asset Investment Planning.
  • Identifying the benefits of Asset Investment Planning.
  • Utilising the power of visual communication of our Asset Management and Lifecycle Plans andDecision-making.
  • Enhancing Internal and External Stakeholder Communications.

Integrating Financial Sustainability and Levels of Service to Meet Community Requirements

Many public sector entities control vast portfolios of physical assets, which they use to deliver services to the community. In turn, financial sustainability is increasingly becoming important as this proves to be robust and effective use of best management processes.
In this presentation from Public Sector Asset Management 2016, Michelle Callaway Director of National Parks Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population & Communities, explores:
  • Integrating sustainability and asset management with the intent of creating framework to address mutual objectives and achieve enhanced performance.
  • Taking a lifecycle perspective to discuss the integration of sustainability and asset management, planning, design, and construction.

Insights into asset management at ACT Government

In this presentation from Public Sector Asset Management 2016, Phil Kerin Service Asset & Configuration Manager at Shared Services ACT Government, explores the various methods for effectively managing public sector assets to improving service levels.