25 - 26 September, 2018 | The Sydney Boulevard Hotel

Andrew Sun

Senior Asset Manager
RMIT University


  • Do your current data collection methods provide you with high quality data?
  • How are you currently making use of the data on your
  • What is limiting you from making the most use out of your data?
  • What solutions are available to you?


3:20 PM CASE STUDY: RMIT University’s Award Winning 6 Month Journey to ISO 55001 Certification

Mid 2017 RMIT’s Asset Management Department undertook the significant challenge of acquiring ISO 55001 certification, something that few universities in the world, let alone Australia, have been able to achieve. With a dedicated effort to improve their asset information database over the past 4 years, they have equipped themselves with the capacity to generate 40 year asset life cycle plans for 260,000+ assets, with this capability only strengthening into the future. A few of the key factors that enabled this achievement within such a short timeframe include:

  • Emphasis on engagement of stakeholders and key parties
  • Data Analysis and Modelling to generate 40 year asset life cycle plans
  • Gap analysis, identifying but more importantly addressing areas for improvement. Updating systems and up-skilling personnel.

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